Cultured English And Rhetoric

Dear friends, lovers of English and fans of the learning process,

Welcome to our brand-new website. It is an interactive app to our recent textbook — A Practical Course Of English (Cultured English And Rhetoric). The textbook is dedicated to a simple but essential notion: the better your command of contemporary English, the more effective your communication, and hence — the more respect you gain.

Ourselves keen students, we here expect you to be eager to learn, hungry for new knowledge, and able to meet fresh, exciting challenges. One of such challenges we have met is this very website, which we have completed to ensure you get an easy way to learn, listen, and have fun while doing so.

During all your ventures through the Practical Course of English you will be guided by a true native speaker — OatMeal-The-Yellow-Dog. She is a cairn-terrier, a 400-year old Scottish breed, and knows how and when to say «bow-wow» properly. Take her for a model, and enjoy your communication skills!